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The Dangers of Concussions

When an individual suffers blunt trauma to his or her head, he or she may be at risk for a brain injury. One of the most common brain injuries is concussions. Concussions occur when an individual's brain moves suddenly, causing neuron disruption.

Truck Laws

Trucking companies must comply with Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations regarding 'Hours of Service'.

Handling a Brain Injury Case

The most complex case a plaintiffs lawyer can face is one where his client suffers a brain injury as a result of an accident.It is difficult because 9 out of 10 traumatic brain injury cases involve injuries that are not visible to ordinary people.So how will a jury believe that your client suffered

A Take on DePuy Hip Replacements

Since its recall last August 26, 2010, DePuy engaged the services of Broadspire Services Inc. to manage its compensation affairs especially to administerclaims, surprising business critics in the United States. The Johnson & Johnson subsidiary ...