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Who Inherits With No Will in Colorado?

When someone dies without a will in Colorado, the intestacy laws found in the Colorado Probate Code will dictate who will inherit the deceased person's estate. Here you will find a summary of the laws of intestacy succession in Colorado.

When You Should Consider a Power of Attorney

What is a Power of Attorney, and when do you need to consider getting one? Most people will ask these two questions at some stage in their lives, and it is important to know, because there is not a person in this world who does not need someone else to assist them when they cannot do it themselves.

How to Name an Executor or Personal Representative

When preparing your will one of the most important decisions to make is choosing a personal representative or executor. Both terms refer to the person named in the will who settles your financial affairs and handles the distribution of your personal property. A trusted family member or friend can

How to Find People by Their Name & Birth Date

Every day people are searching for others on the internet with limited information. Many times specifics regarding current address or employer aren't known, which forces many to go about searching for a person with just a birth date and a name. Decades ago, using just a birth

Who Should Write Your Will? Solicitor Or Will Writer?

There is no requirement in law at present for a will writer to be legally qualified. Indeed a west midlands MP commented that she indeed had previously given will advice without qualifications and commented that indeed a convicted fraudster could set up a will writing service without any professiona

How to Create a Flamenco Dress

Flamenco dresses are designed to show off the movements of the dancers. They often involve ruffles around the hem of the dress and on the shoulders. These dresses are also known for their exact fit on the wearer's body. Exact measurements, the correct fabric and careful construction are all integra

How to Check a Company's Business Reputation

Wondering if a company is reputable? Whether you're buying from them, doing business with them, hiring them, or thinking of working for them, it always pays to check their reputation. For large companies and small businesses alike, here are some great online tools -- all free -- to do just that.

DIY Will and Testament

Anyone age 18 and older who is mentally competent can write a last will and testament. Writing a will doesn't require the help of a lawyer, but it must follow certain formalities. The basic rules are that the writer must intend for the document to become the writer's will, that person must sign it a

What Is Considered an Asset in Probate Court?

The fundamental goal of probate to collect all the assets of the deceased, inventory them, then distribute them to the appropriate heirs and beneficiaries. While the law varies from state to state, generally an asset is any tangible item that was solely owned by or in the name of the deceased at the

How to Write XML Remarks

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a computer programming language that allows users to define their own custom markup tags. Like HTML (HyperText Markup Language), XML uses some standard structural tags, including the remark or "comment" tags. These tags allow you to write messages within the XML c

Who Actually Creates a Will or a Last Will and Testament?

There has always been confusion as to who actually creates a Will or Last Will and Testament. The reason why people have been so confused is because many individuals claiming that they are experts in Will preparation have been creating Wills and Trusts.

How to Register a Service Mark

A service mark is legally similar to a trademark. While a trademark is used for a product, a service mark is used for a service. They serve a different function, but registration of both are handled through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. While service marks are less well known than t

How to Blow the Whistle Effectively

The posted values of most companies include a statement regarding integrity. This focus on integrity affirms that all employees and managers need to behave ethically in regard to company operations. This includes following all laws and regulations that apply to the company and its industry. Some com

"Do I Need A Will?" - Yes You Do!

This article covers the reasons why it is detrimental for all people, regardless of age and wealth, to make a will. Making a will can help ensure that everything, from requirements at your funeral to custody of children, is taken care of. It means that family members are given support and legal advi

How to Find a Manufacturer's FDA Registration Number

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requires that manufacturers and distributors of medical devices register with them annually. Most medical device manufacturers must also provide a listing of the types of devices that they manufacturer and what operations those devices perform.The rea

Setting Up a Living Trust in the UK

Living trusts are a vital but often misunderstood legal tool. Thousands of U.K. residents stand to benefit from living trusts, but many simply do not know how to go about setting one up. Living trusts--better known as 'inter vivos' trusts, or trusts 'between the living'--have a range of important ap