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Do You Pay a Front Load on a Mutual Fund Every Time You Put in Money?

Sales charges associated with the purchase of mutual fund shares are known as loads. Not all mutual funds have loads. Those that do are typically sold through advisers. Whether or not they have a load on the front end depends on the class of share they represent. A savvy investor will investigate al

Suggested Asset Allocation For 23.7% Return From Stock Market Investment

In this article, I'm going to share with you the suggested asset allocation that I used myself for your own references. Since less than 0.8% individual investors have effective asset allocation for their investment and 97.9% of novice investors don't even know how to allocate their cash pr

Are Stock Returns Normally Distributed?

The stock market is a giant auction service that prices shares based on supply and demand. When a company's earnings or prospect for future growth improves, demand for its stock increases, which causes share prices to rise. There are other ways a company can distribute earnings to investors in addit

How to Choose Successful Fundraisers

Choosing the right fundraiser for your group can be very easy but it is something you need to spend some time thinking about. You see, if you need to raise money one of the most important steps is choosing the very best fundraiser for your particular group. And while most people would just assume th

Brick Fundraisers - An Innovative Way to Donate

There are a number of different kinds of fundraisers in the world today. But, each of them has their share of pros and cons and in most cases, the fundraisers are temporary and you might not be able to hold onto it forever.

How to Start Investing in Stock Market the Right and Easy Way

Stock market proven to be the goldmine to most sophisticated investors. However, not many beginners really know how to start investing in stock market. As a result, they end up losing their hard earned money. In this article, I'll share with you my personal insight on how beginners should start

This Penny Stock Keeps Traffic Trucking Along

I work from home so I don't have to deal with the day-to-day commute my friends face. Still, I do lend a sensitive ear when they tell me about their daily one hour commute. I ...

The Meaning of MACD

MACD stands for "moving average convergence/divergence." It is a technical indicator that stock market and other securities traders use to look for price trends in the securities they trade. Traders use a wide range of technical indicators to help them predict the future prices of securities. MACD i

The Basics of Online Stock Picks System

You will not have to struggle a great deal while learning the basics of stock picks system. The process has become easier with the emergence of different web based stock firms. These websites offer various trading services along with numerous effective applications required for gathering knowledge a

Operating Your School's Bake Sale

Bake sales can be a fun school operation for students and staff as a way to raise money for a good cause. With just a bit of organization and planning, you can operate a successful event, no problem. Simply assign tasks to helpers, and divvy up who's going to bake what. Then, make a list of sup

Call Spreads

OPTIONS TRADING STRATEGY: BTO = Buy to Open BTC = Buy to Close STO = Sell to Open STC = Sell to Close Each Options contract = 100 shares Call Spread - When you anticipate the stock price will rise On February 6, 2011, XYZ Company closed at $44.82. If you wanted to buy 100 shares of XYZ because you f

Stock Market For Beginners - How Does the Stock Market Work?

How does the stock market work? What is a stock? both are logical questions to ask before deciding to put your money in the stock market. To help you understand a few important concepts about stock market, in this article we will cover.

Tax Rules on Stock Trade Losses

If you suffer a loss on your stock trades, you can use that loss to offset your capital gains for the year. Even if your capital gains do not exceed your losses, you can claim at least a part of your losses to reduce your taxable income. However, you cannot claim a loss on a stock that...

New Hope for Brazil’S Fiscal Future

In Brazil, as is the case in most emerging economies, all eyes are on the recent uptick in inflation and how policy-makers - particularly the central bank - will respond. While Brazil has an inflation ...

Stock Exchange Symbols - Secrets About Stock Symbols

Nowadays, stockexchange symbols (based on they're length) can't even tell you which stock market a stock is traded on. Sorry. It would be kinda cool if you could though, right? But why do I even bring it up?