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Easter Craft Ideas for Candles

Many seasonal and holiday decorations include candles, often traditional and usually beautiful. However, the desire for uniqueness in our homes makes specialty candles popular and expensive. Making candles and candle holders for Easter will satisfy the need for holiday decorations, save...

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

Christmas is a great time for getting all of your family, friends, church members and even colleagues together to celebrate the holidays, have a good time, and to create great memories too. A Christmas party is always going to be an excellent way of bringing these groups of people together to have a

Homemade New Year's Decorations

If you are looking to save money or if you enjoy showing off your creativity, you can make your own New Year's party decorations. Gather a few supplies from your local craft store or what you might already have at home to make homemade New Year's decorations --- from banners to homemade party popper

Facts About the Greater Flamingo

The greater flamingo is one of six species of flamingo and the type with the largest geographical distribution. According to the San Diego Zoo website, the greater flamingo possesses the most vivid colors of the flamingos, a coloring the bird gets from its diet. The greater flamingo is a social bird

Lenox Gifts

Gifts are usually given for celebrations or during the holidays but Lenox offers gifts for almost every occasion all year long. These offerings include collectibles, dining and entertaining, jewelry, weddings, home-decor, baby, birthdays, personalized, graduation, anniversaries, inspirational/religi

How to Hang Spandex Shapes

Spandex shapes, also called stretch fabric structures or tension fabric shapes, have become a popular way of quickly decorating a large stage or convention space. Spandex shapes are relatively lightweight, can be rented for short-term engagements, and are easily installed and removed. Spandex shapes

How to Make a Christmas Scrapbook

A Christmas scrapbook is a memory book which is kept and added to over many years. You can watch your children grow up through the scrapbook, and they can let their children see how they grew up through the scrapbook. It would make a delightful gift for a young couple’s first Christmas.

Birthday Ideas for Thrill Seekers

Make your thrill-seeker's birthday exciting.Oliver Furrer/Brand X Pictures/Getty ImagesThose who are constantly seeking an adrenaline rush would likely appreciate a birthday celebration that allows them to obtain this jolt. If charged with the task of planning a birthday outing for a...

Children's Activities & Crafts for Halloween

Kids can try to catch apples with their mouths at a Halloween party.Alexander Nicholson/Photodisc/Getty ImagesThe spooks, trick-or-treating and costumes associated with Halloween make it an enjoyable holiday for children. Whether you're a parent or an educator planning a party for kids to...

Ideas for Christmas Breakfast Muffins

Serve your family breakfast muffins on your active holiday morning to provide a filling treat, as well as an easy meal your family can hold in one hand while opening gifts with the other hand. Bake them from scratch or add special ingredients to a packaged mix to create muffins worthy of Christmas m

Preschool Lesson on Halloween Safety

Halloween should be a night of fun for young children, but the number of people who are out and about means that this night can be dangerous as well. According to Safe Kids USA, twice as many children are killed in car accidents on Halloween as on any other night. Preschoolers are often trick-or-tre

Ideas for Princess Decorations

It's time to plan the party for your special birthday princess. Festooning the room in the proper decorations will make her feel like royalty. Combine her favorite colors in your decor---whether it's pink and purple or blue and white. Turn your party room into a ballroom befitting a princess with a

Shrek Halloween Costumes That Will Surely Rock Your World

Shrek is one of the modern fairy tales Walt Disney has created. From common princes and princesses, Disney has introduced new characters which we've welcomed into the world. This green ogre, which truly symbolizes bravery and enchantment, amazes many kids and adults alike. It's no wonder t

Thanksgiving Family Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time for the celebration of family.thanksgiving dinner image by Richard Amidon III from Fotolia.comThanksgiving may be the truest family holiday that's celebrated by Americans. Distant family members who may not have seen one another in a while converge on one location...

History of Easter

The Easter holidays that celebrate Christ's resurrection from death, are Christianity's most critical holidays. The Easter holidays have been referred to as moveable feasts due to th

Going Away Gifts for Close Friends

It is never easy to say goodbye to a close friend. It will be hard to imagine your life without the presence of such an important person. Sometimes people will host a party to spend time with someone before they go away. Whether you say goodbye at a party or not, giving a gift is a great way to show

How to Send Beautiful Bouquets

Sending a floral arrangement is a wonderful way to brighten someone's day and express your feelings. Whether it's to celebrate love, a birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or to offer congratulations or sympathy, a beautiful bouquet is always appreciated. When sending flowers there are many optio