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How to Treat Cat Injuries With Neosporin

Small cat injuries can be treated at home with a few basic first aid products such as soap, peroxide and Neosporin, an antibiotic cream. These products will help prevent infection and will hasten the wound-healing process. Only treat superficial wounds, such as scratches and small cuts with Neospori

Shedding Medications for Cats

Excessive shedding can be annoying.toilette du chat image by ninice64 from Fotolia.comAll cats shed to a certain extent, but excessive shedding can be troublesome for you and your cat. Excessive shedding can be caused by allergies, stress, vitamin deficiency, poor quality food or an...

How to Help Pets Deal With Grief

Animals form bonds with one another, as well as their owners, and become part of one another's daily routine. When another pet in the home dies, or a human family member dies or leaves for some other reason, the remaining pet or pets will suffer emotionally. A 1996 study conducted by The American So

Kitten Diarrhea - Signs and Symptoms of Disease in Your Kitten

Having a kitten is a wonderful experience but when they become unwell, it is even more worrying than with an adult cat. Diarrhea is one of the most common illnesses in kittens and comes in many forms, depending on the underlying condition. Here we look at the most common.

Do I Need to Clean My Cat's Teeth?

This article looks at our how to care for your cat's teeth and when do you start caring for their teeth? Particularly in older cats, this becomes more important.

Questions to Ask Siamese Cat Breeders

Siamese cats are a wonderful breed to have in your home: They're great with children, don't typically scratch people or furniture, aren't known for chewing electrical cords or other household items and are a beautiful animal to showcase to your friends and guests.

Kitten Safety - How to Kitten-Proof Your Home

If you have recently adopted a kitten or cat, or you are considering adopting one, kitten safety is very important. You need to take steps to "kitten-proof" your home to keep your new family member safe. The best way to approach this is to consider your new pet as a toddler or a child who

Choosing the Best Kitty Litter for Your Cat

One of the better ways you can reduce cat urine odor and have happy kitties is to select a great cat litter. Getting a great kitty litter is very important because it will help entice your kitty to make use of her litter box, cuts down on the stench of cat urine odor plus cat feces odor, and helps m

The Bite That Hurts - Coping With Cat Aggression

Talk about thorny problems - or rather pointed (cat's claws and teeth) problems. Did you know this is the second highest ranking problem that drives cat owners to the vet for solutions? The first one is inappropriate elimination in the house.

How to Compare a Manx to a Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail and Manx breeds of cats share some similarities. Their faces share similar shapes, and at first glance their bodies may appear the be the same. They are both also commonly without the long tails of most breeds of cats. Either can have short or long hair. Despite these similariti

Guide to Spaying and Neutering Cats

Unless you don't mind the odd stray litter of kittens sloping 'round the house, it is a good idea to have Your pet puss de-sexed at a young age. This article introduces the basics of spaying and neutering cats.

Dental Care Plan for Cats

Dental care for your cat should be an ongoing project, not only for promoting good dental health, but the overall health of your cats, as well. Here are tips and tools you need to get your cat aimed toward better dental health.

Cat Urine Odor Remover - A Remedy That Works

There are several options both store bought and homemade for cat urine odor remover. But there is one in particular that utilizes common household ingredients that has proven to be extremely effective.

Small Bumps & Hair Loss in Cats

The two most common ailments a cat can have where it loses its hair and develops small bumps, or papules, are flea allergy dermatitis, or flea bite hypersensitivity, and allergic and irritant contact dermatitis. Other symptoms include redness and itching.

Finding Pepper

I've often been told that the best way to get over the grief of losing a pet is to get another, I did not previously believe this to be true but I was about to learn that it could be.The circumstances under which I came to find Pepper were not happy ones but a birthday surprise was waiting for

How to Feed & Care for a Cat With a URI

Upper respiratory infections (URIs) in cats are frequently diagnosed and highly contagious. They're similar to the common cold in humans, and while there's no drug that cures them, there are several ways to support your cat and promote recovery. For example, your cat may need medications and supplem