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Job Search Translator

In today's frenetic job search world, you need to keep on your toes. Here are some job description buzz-words and what they really mean.

Get Drunk On The Flight Night

Why pay $150 to get drunk from gate-to-gate in the sky? Why not? Some dudes make this the goal of stratospheric travel. One nip at a time, all the while trying not to appear overtly intoxicated so tha

Gone Fishing

View a parody photo featuring a vacationing President Bush and his father fishing in flood-ravaged New Orleans.

To Fracking

A cartoon about fracking.

Find a very good Marketing Audiobooks On the web

Get the best Promoting Mp3 audiobooks On-line In this informative regarding on the web textbooks, we're going to let you know about top selling audio books. We are certain that you can find this kind ...

Do Birthdays Matter?

A humorous snapshot of our lives, by the numbers. Read it to see if you recognize yourself in this article.

John MCain Baseball Card

This Upper Deck baseball card depicts Republican presidential candidate John McCain as Ted Williams.

Magic Methods Children Utes Entertaining

Children's interesting is one division of magic accessible to us all * whether you are a parent performing in your child at the birthday party, or a professional wizard hoping to expand your arsenal, children's ...

Funny Jokes, Problems While Sharing and The Best Solutions

Funny jokes make our life good. Life is good when we keep on laughing. Our laughter ensures another's laughter. It is very infectious kind of thing. It breaks the silence and helps everyone to express. People get closure while having fun and laughter. There is an element of sense of humor in ev

The Guild Profile

A group of cyberspace gaming partners face problems with the transition to meatspace.

Umpa Lumpa Wig

How an Umpa Lumpa Wig Makes the Perfect Costume If you are going to dress up as an Umpa Lumpa this Halloween, or simply for your next costume party, then a big green Umpa Lumpa ...

How Can Humor Effect The People

Humor is a good way to break the ice, and short jokes are particularly effective as they are easy to tell and easy to remember. School pranks are common, but the best high school gags can be said to b

Animated Thank You Cards

Expressing gratitude is one of the most appreciated gestures in our social life, so it is very important how we do it when the time comes. One of the best ways of showing gratitude feelings is by means of thank you cards, meant to reflect both our thoughts and good manners. Depending on the nature o

Jealous Clinton

A funny captioned picture of all the living presidents in the Oval Office, featuring a jealous Bill Clinton.

Travel Trailer Covers - Buying the Right One

With all the excitement of purchasing a new camper, the thought of protecting it once not in use may be overlooked. Mainly because your camper may be these kinds of a big investment, you should ...