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How to Build a Water Fountain Base

A water fountain adds a focal point or enhances a garden design. The sound of trickling water can be soothing, cooling and refreshing. With the availability of all kinds of building materials, you can make almost any fountain you can think of. When building or planning your fountain, remember that a

How are pH Levels in Pools Tested?

One of the most important parts of pool maintenance is testing pH. Pool pH has a substantial impact on pool chemistry and the effectiveness of chlorine disinfectant. Fortunately, testing pH is not only important but simple as well. The equipment you'll need is available from most pool supply stores

Hot Tub Is an Addiction

A hot tub is a large home made or manufactured tub filled with hot water. A small pool can also be used as a tub for relaxation, soaking, massage or hydrotherapy. They are usually located outdoors and have to be sheltered for privacy as well as for protection from elements.

Snow Removal Safety Tips

Shoveling snow keeps your sidewalks and driveways clear, and it can burn calories and build muscle, which helps you maintain a healthy weight. However, the downside of snow shoveling is that it can pose some dangers. Shoveling snow can increase your risk of heart attack, especially if you are sedent

How to Make a Puffin Habitat

Puffins are winged birds that are similar to penguins in habitat and diet. Unlike penguins, however, puffins can and do fly quite often. In most zoos, you'll find the puffins in the same area as the penguins and other arctic animals if not the same exhibit. According to the New Hampshire Public Tele

Safety Vacuum Release System Recalled

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Vacless Systems, Inc., announced on January 19, 2011, a voluntary recall of the Pool Safety Vacuum Release System. Consumers are advised to stop using the systems immediately. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled con

Live Plant Journal - Part 2

This is the second in a series that follows a new aquarium owner as she converts her tank from plastic to live plants. Every step of her journey is documented in her own words, along with tips and advice from an expert plant grower and your Guide.

How to Use Lithium in Hot Tubs

Lithium hypo-chloride shock is a stable primary oxidizing sanitizer, a chlorine alternative for hot tubs, spas and pools. It is chlorine-based, but does not have a strong chlorine odor. Lithium prevents algae, bacteria and fungus growth, and is available in powder and granular forms. Although lithiu

Starfish Ornaments

These beautiful starfish ornaments are part of an aquatic / fish themed Christmas tree.

Having the Best Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are great for people of all ages. They are enjoyable and get you active. Owning and maintaining the best one can take the benefits even further for a longer period.

Algae Problems in a Pool

Of all maintenance issues that come with pool ownership, the fight against algae is the most common, according to PoolWizard.net. While algae is not harmful to swimmers by itself, an abundance of algae will allow it to turn sunlight into food for undesirable bacteria which can become harmful to swim

How to Resurface Pool Concrete

Concrete deterioration due to weathering, water absorption and the growth of microorganisms is inevitable inside the pool and on the deck. Resurfacing the concrete is the best way to relieve those problems and help prevent them from reoccurring. Removing the top layer of concrete with acid washing

Inflatable Hot Tub and Home Spas

Going to spas is one of the best ways to alleviate stress. A lot of people would like to but could not because of a variety of reasons. Some people do not have the time while others are worried about the expenses. A lot of people turn to making a room in their house a home spa.

All About Pool Cleaners

The first vacuum powered swimming pool cleaner was invented in 1951 by a hydraulics engineer named Ferdinand Chauvier in South Africa. He was from the Belgian Congo and went to South Africa. He noticed that there are needs for machines that would do their job automatically, and use ordinary power fo

How to Use a Borrow Pit as a Fish Pond

Borrow pits that result from excavating and transporting earth from one part of your property to another are a difficult feature to incorporate into your home landscape. Purchasing material to refill the borrow pit or allow it to slowly regrow with vegetation can be a costly and time-consuming proce

How to Install an Inline Pool Sanitizer

An inline pool sanitizer is an attachment which, when connected to the filter line of your swimming pool, reduces the need for chlorine and other chemicals up to 50 percent. This is done through mineral treatment in the sanitizer. This is a convenient, non-chemical way to keep your pool clean but it

Mini Planted Aquarium

This tank created by Pavel Koutny looks large, but it's actually a 5 gallon mini-aquarium.