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Should You Learn to Make Your Own Candles?

Candle lovers spend hundreds of dollars annually on ready made candles, so why not learn how to make them yourself and perhaps not only save some money, but learn a new skill and develop a pleasurable past-time?

Tips To Successfully Sew Doll Clothes

Making doll clothes has become a well-liked hobby, and brings joy to any little girl's face. Here are a couple ideas one could follow to make sure of success in creating that unique garment.

How to Make Laundry Soap

Laundry soap is very easy to make. There are many free recipes with simple and easy to follow steps using ingredients that are pretty much available anywhere.

Potpourri Then and Now

Imagine the world without the natural smells of flowers and herbs. For hundreds of years, Mother Nature has provided us with her bounty to keep away disease, improve our home environment and embellish our gardens.

Are Gas RC Planes Better Than Electric?

This is the question that is often asked and it normally leads to a heated debate as to which RC plane is better. Many will argue that gas RC planes are way better than electric. Let's have a look at the two so you can make up your own mind.

Lucky Cricket Craft

Learn how you can craft a cute. little cricket out of a clothespin, chenille stems, and a few other craft supplies.

I Want to Make Jewelry!

In almost every town, there is a bead store with so many beautiful beads, findings and books it can make you swoon. When you buy all the bits and pieces you like...than what?

Ice Cream Placemat Craft

Follow these instructions and learn how you can make a placemat with a fun ice cream design.

Adult Stationery And Envelopes Buying Tips

Adult stationery and envelopes are sold at a lot of different places, and unless you know what you're doing you could end up paying a lot more than necessary, or getting a whole lot less for your money. This brief article will share a few buying tips that should be helpful. All you need to know

Surefire Tips To Get To Grips With Rc Helicopter Flying Hobby

Flying an RC helicopter is not an easy task, and an enthusiast who wants to master his flying skills should practice a lot to perfect his flying skills. In his quest to learn those intricate flight controls, an enthusiast should adopt effective strategies to master the skills.

Jigsaw Puzzle Strategy - 4 Main Routes to Finishing That Puzzle

Have you ever sat for hours working on a jigsaw puzzle only to discover when your time is up that you've hardly made any progress? As a young child, I learned how to race through puzzles using time-tested and honored strategies for putting together puzzles that have made puzzles a pleasure and

Before You Start Building Your First Bunk Bed

Bunk beds that are improperly designed cause, on average, 36,000 trips to the hospital every year. Before you build your bunk bed learn these important steps you should take to limit your risk of injury or death.

How to Make Your Own Earrings

Try to save that money and make your own jewelry. If you make your own jewelry, the possibilities are endless. You will always have a piece of jewelry to match every outfit because you made it specifically for your outfit. You can't lose if you make your own jewelry.

Making Candle Wicks - Tips From Top Candle Makers

Wicks are the most important part of any candle that you make. Without a wick, all you'd have is a big block of wax. While most people do purchase their wicks from wholesalers, it is important to know how to make your own wicks for a number of reasons.