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How to Get Guardianship of an Elderly Person

Advanced age can result in the loss of an individual's ability to care for himself or his assets. Watching a friend or loved one become incapacitated can create feelings of helplessness. Fortunately, you can help your loved one by obtaining guardianship. The U.S. Department of State describes guardi

Know About How Bankruptcy Your Credit Score Down the Road

Bankruptcy is a proceeding in a federal court in which an insolvent debtor's assets are liquidated and the debtor is relieved of further. It is classified into two categories, liquidation and reorganization. There are four ...

Types of Aggravated Assault

All 50 states consider aggravated assault a felony. The FBI defines aggravated assault as an attack intending to inflict severe or aggravated injury, usually with a weapon. Intents to rob, kill or rape a person fall into this class, regardless of whether violence actually occurs. Displaying a weapon

French Traffic Laws

France has similar driving laws to the United States.portuguese flag image by Aleksander from Fotolia.comTourists might wish to drive while visiting France in order to see more of the country or have more options in areas without public transportation. Driving laws in France are similar...

Compound Interest and Pre-Tax Investments

Some people in their 20s and 30s feel that they can't afford to put money into a retirement plan. Actually, people cannot afford to fail to save in advance for retirement. One cannot rely on ...

Noise Pollution Statutes in California

The state of California has declared noise pollution is a public health hazard. According to Californian legislation, a person bombarded by noise --- especially continuous or increasing noise --- is at risk for psychological and physical harm that may result in financial damage. To protect the publi

How to Find a Case Citation

A case citation is a string of information that is unique to a particular judicial opinion. It always begins by identifying the party or parties involved in the action. The rest of the citation's format will vary depending on the jurisdiction and court in which the case was argued. The citation iden

How to Veterinary SEO Businesses for Your Next On the web Campaign

Seo campaigns possess proven a powerful approach for corporations looking to more their brand name recognition, enhance online reputation and increase search engine rankings. For several companies, directing through internet promotion intricacies can establish time-consuming ...

Emergency Vehicle Driving Training

Emergency personnel responding to 911 calls drive in all weather conditions at any time of the day or night, often at high speeds. Specialized training is required to ensure that the operators of police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency response vehicles drive in all conditions as s

Ways to Pay Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy law is a much complex law and it is difficult for the people at large to understand the integrities of the law and the implications of it. That is the reason why the availability ...

Government Housing Regulations

Housing regulations mediate tenant-landlord relations.construction image by Zakharchenko from Fotolia.comGovernment housing regulations exist to protect the rights of tenants from abuse at the hands of property holders. The regulations not only protect citizens from exploitative...

Differences between a Tax Attorney and an Accountant

It's April, and you know that that means: tax season. In preparation for this stressful time of year, you may be deciding whether you should hire an accountant to help you make sense of all t

Toy Manufacturing Safety Regulations

Toys must be manufactured so they are safe for children of all ages.toy 5 image by Alx from Fotolia.comToys are designed and marketed for children of all ages. Young children are still not aware of the many hazards of life and can use and abuse toys in ways that could lead to various...

The Statute of Limitations on Child Endangerment Laws in California

Laws governing the prosecution of child endangerment offenses in California can be complex given the state's broad definition of "child endangerment" and the many types of crime that fall under that banner.If you wish to press charges against someone who has committed an act of child...

How to File Social Security Disability in Idaho

Social Security Disability insurance covers people who can no longer work due to a disability. To qualify for Social Security Disability payments, you must have paid enough Social Security taxes during the years you were working. In addition, your medical disability must stop you from working for at

OSHA Regulations on Mold

Visible mold may indicate more mold beneath the surface.mold on petrified wood image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has regulations governing mold in the workplace. Mold can be found in both indoor and outdoor workplaces. Exposure to mold...

FAQs About Wills

A will is a legal document used to distribute a person's property upon his death. A will is important because it specifies who will inherit the property of the deceased and it appoints a guardian or guardians for the minor children the decedent leaves behind. Without a will or another...

Post Office Forwarding Address Requirements

The United States Postal Service provides a number of mail forwarding services to meet your needs. The services include temporary, permanent and premium forwarding. Basic temporary and permanent forwarding are provided by the USPS for $1 or less, depending on your filing method. As of...