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How to Remove the Red X on Sound for Windows Vista

Sound issues continue to follow some Vista users. When a red X appears on the sound icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, the computer becomes completely muted and the sound does not work. This is a glitch on Vista's part, but the red X can be removed and sound can be restored in a few

Tips for Cleaning the MS Windows Registry

The Microsoft Windows registry is a database that holds critical application and hardware variables. Information such as installation paths and hardware resources is stored there to prevent failures and operating conflicts that crash computer systems. Over time this database may become...

How to Get Windows to Recognize the USB Modem Correctly on a Verizon Novatel

One of the common problems with using new USB hardware is that Windows will attempt to use generic system drivers. When you connect a USB device to your computer, Windows attempts to download the drivers for the device. In some instances, generic drivers will be used. If you want Windows to recogniz

How to Update Pinnacle Dazzle 130 in XP SP3

Pinnacle's Dazzle is a device that allows you to connect older video cameras to your computer if your machine does not have the appropriate inputs. Using the included Dazzle software, you can then transfer the video information contained on tapes to your computer's hard drive. You should occasionall

How to Upgrade an XP Home Pro File Version to a Newer CD

There are many different versions of the Windows XP operating system, including Home, Professional and Media Center Edition. On top of that, there are a number of subversions of each, including Retail, OEM and Volume License copies. Upgrading your current edition of the XP operating system to anothe

How to Compare Two Registry Files

The Windows operating system features a large database of information called the "registry." Every time a change is made to your computer, whether a program is installed or uninstalled or you add a new piece of hardware, an entry file containing that information is placed in your registry. If you wa

How to Turn Off MacBook Keyboard Lights

MacBook Pro notebook computers have a back-lit keyboard, allowing you to easily see the keyboard keys while using your computer in a dark or low-lit room. This feature offers convenience while typing, but if you are watching a video or would like to save battery power, you may wish to dim or even tu

How to Make an MP4 Smaller

MP4 is the main video format used by portable devices known as MP4 players. If you need to compress an MP4 file to make it easier to store and transport, you can do so using the "zipping" function on Windows. ZIP archives are folders that compress files that are contained inside of them. Computers r

How to Change the Task Bar Color on the Windows 7 Basic Theme

In addition to including new window management mouse gestures, the "Aero" redesign of the Windows user interface allows you to change the interface's colors. Windows 7 does not allow you to change the task bar color independently: to change the color of the task bar, apply a new theme to the "Start"

External Keyboard Problems

External keyboards are subject to daily wear and tear, and as such, can develop issues related to overuse. Keyboards can suffer from several different types of external problems, including connection issues, ports breaking, sanitation problems and keys breaking, to name a few.

How to Fix the Out of System Resources on My PC

If your computer keeps flashing up an "Out of System Resources," message it is important to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible. These messages can be very frustrating, and often the only way to clear up the issue is to restart your computer. In order to resolve the problem for good it is i

How to Download Aim 8.0

The AIM software is an online chat client that allows you to send instant messages and files to other AIM users as well as update your social media accounts. The chat application is available for download for free from the developer. Once you download the AIM installation files, run the installer to

How to Restore an Active Desktop in Windows XP

If your Windows XP active desktop is malfunctioning, your active desktop will not display. Instead, you'll see a screen with text and instructions, as well as a button labeled "Restore the Active Desktop." Simply clicking this button should restore your active desktop; however, there are times when

How to Determine the Original Operating System Software

When you buy a used computer, it’s often purchased without an operating system installed. Many computers are built to the specific requirements of a particular operating system. For optimal performance from the computer, it is often best to know which operating system the computer originall

Troubleshooting Failed Installation of Windows XP Updates

Look for Error CodeWindows Update screenshotWhen the Windows XP update installation fails to complete successfully, one of the things you can do is to locate the installation error code on your computer. Go to "Start," click "All Programs" and click on "Windows Update." Then click on...

How to Network LPT1 to WinXP & Win98

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME and XP all include the handy "Direct Cable Connection" feature that enables computer networking between two computers using a serial, parallel, or network cable. If you have two computers that both support 25-pin parallel printer ports or 9-pin serial ports and do not h

How to Boot From the CD Drive on Boot Windows Vista

Normally, when you turn your computer on, it boots to the operating system -- the desktop. This is determined by the boot order. The boot order -- also referred to as boot sequence -- is controlled by motherboard's BIOS and is not directly related with the Windows Vista operating system. There is no

How to Remove Windows XP Home Edition From a Computer

If you want to try a new operating system or revert to your old one, it will be necessary to remove Windows XP Home Edition from your computer. You can do this without formatting your hard drive or completely starting over from scratch. While your computer may retain some data files, you will want t

How to Remove Windows Contacts

Windows can store a variety of information about a person or business--including email address, physical address and telephone number, as well as information like birthdays and anniversaries--in the form of a contact list. Contact entries can be edited as information changes or removed completely wh

How to Create a Direct3d Object

Direct3D is an application programming interface (API) developed and marketed by Microsoft. Direct3D is often used to render three dimensional graphics in applications and devices where performance is the key. Direct3D is, in fact, used for graphics in XBOX gaming consoles. A Direct3D object allows