How to Get Dogs & Machines in "Valhalla Knights 2"

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    • 1). Open the quest menu and look for quests from "APU" or "Animal Protection Union."

    • 2). Select the "Wolf Again" quest to unlock male dogs. You will have to go to Mount Fibuledo to complete this quest. You will be able to recruit male dogs once the dog "Spot" is available to recruit at the guild.

    • 3). Accept the "Indulgent Tongue" quest to unlock female dogs. You will need to go to Manedale Caves for this quest and kill five rat hostia. You will not receive a dog when you return to the inn but you can now recruit female dogs.


    • 1). Visit Fortmas, which is the machine town. You have to complete the "Unopened Gate" quest in Cofiness to open the door to Fortmas Point.

    • 2). Select the "Mod Maniac's Partner" quest while in Fortmas.

    • 3). Return to the guild and there will be a machine named "Ace" waiting for you.

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