How to Use an Andis Hair Clipper

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A hair clipper is nothing more than an electric motor with a cutting blade attached to it. The motor shaft is usually connected to the blade in a fashion that moves it side to side. When it comes to the usage of an Andis hair clipper, it is always better to initiate with using hair clippers to cut the hair of other members of the family. Family members can help out each other with haircuts. Once you are comfortable with its use, you can start cutting your own hair. Below mentioned are some tips on how to apply an Andis hair clipper.

Hair Clippers are an easy to use product that helps to cut their hair themselves. With the clippers you will get different types of attachments that helps to manage the length of the hair you wish to cut. Never use hair clippers on wet hair as this may cause the blades to rust. Also remember to work in the direction opposite to the hair growth, this will help you to cut maximum hair.

Start the process with cleaning the cutting blades using a brush. This helps to remove any dirt or stray hair that can get in the way with the smooth functioning of the clipper. After cleaning the blade, put in some drops of clipper oil to the blade and start the clipper. Let the blade run for a minute to make sure the consistent distribution of the oil. Oiling the blade is vital to preserve its working condition and to lessen the chances of damage. After this you can begin the process of hair.

Before cutting out the hair decide the hairstyle and length of hair you want to cut off. Comb hair in accordance with the hairstyle you would like to create. Always start from the nape and work to the sides and top. Conclude with trimming near the ears and on the nape of neck.

With nearly all hair clippers, spacers are provided and these tools aid you to keep a harmless distance between the head and the blade. If you are using a one inch spacer, then all you have to do is to run the clipper over the complete head and the end result will be evenly trimmed hair of one inch length. This is only to be used if you wish for a rapid trim and is not suggested for other hairstyles. You can substitute the clipper by using a comb as a protector.

End up task with cleaning up the areas around the ears and neck. Clean the blades one time again and insert some oil to keep it in good condition.

Now you are familiar with the usage of hair clippers, and your visits to the beauty salon will trim down considerably. Even as using a hair clipper is not a complicated task, it may take a short time to get familiarized to it. Once you are comfortable, you can even be creative in using hair clippers and appear with your own hairstyles.
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