Friday Called "Riskiest Day to Drive to Work" by Nationwide Insurance

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Looking for an excuse to call out of work this Friday? Well, try telling this one to your boss. According to researchers for Nationwide Insurance, there are significantly more accidents on Fridays which could impact not only your daily commute, but also the risk of your involvement with an accident. Their research showed that the highest average number of claims on this last day of the work week was 1,664, which shows an increase from any other day.

Wednesday came in second place as the second most dangerous day for employees commuting to work. On Wednesdays, there was a record number of car accident claims filed on just one day with more than 4,000 total.

One of the many organizations dedicated to promoting safe driving among employees of the United States, The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, says that the majority of accidents that are reported and mentioned in these statistics are rear-end crashes where one driver accidentally hits the back of another car while not paying attention in traffic.

These statistics are shocking to many car accident lawyers, but they believe that many of the accidents can be avoided when drivers take the proper precautions. The biggest factor in many of these accidents is the use of hand-held devices such as mobile phones that could distract the driver and cause them to not pay attention to the brake lights of the other drivers on the road. These authorities warn drivers to pay attention to the road at all times.

One of the easiest ways to prevent rear-end collisions is to leave enough space between your car and the car in front of you at all times. A proper distance, according to driver safety instructors, is at least a three-to-four second lead. This can especially affect drivers who are driving in poor visibility and harsh weather conditions, because it can be harder to see if the cars in front of you are braking. Another factor, such as wet roads, could cause your car to slide into the back of another if you don't leave enough room to slow down at a safe speed. In unsafe driving conditions, it is recommended that you leave twice the distance between your car and the car in front of you than you would under normal circumstances.

Another problem with distracted drivers in traffic is that they pay more attention to the cars in front of them rather than worrying about other dangers that can come from the sides of their vehicle and behind. Make sure to constantly sweep the road with your eyes in order to see any possible dangers before they occur.
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