3 Great Natural Flea Repellent Recipes

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These bloodsucking pests not only are irritating, but can also can cause serious health problems as well. There are so many products available for fighting the battle against fleas, but the use of synthetic chemicals and poisons are making more than one owner frown over the possible long term side effects on not only the dogs, but the family as well.

Fleas in the home can be easily and effectively eradicated by using safer Natural and non-toxic flea control methods options. Try these alternative methods to keep your pets flea-free.

Garlic and brewer's yeast

One of the oldest and best natural remedies to repel fleas is garlic. Brewer's yeast is another well-known natural flea repellent. The advantage of both garlic and brewer's yeast is that they tend to make the pet less tasty to fleas. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that adding a garlic or yeast supplement to your pet's diet can significantly reduce the number of fleas and bites. If you are using fresh garlic, don't add excessive amounts of garlic to your pet's food. Excessive amounts of garlic becomes toxic pets. Grate not more than a small amount of fresh, raw garlic into the food of your pet. This should amount to about one crushed clove of garlic (one chamber, not the whole clove) for a 30 pounds dog. For brewer's yeast, add about a teaspoon for a small dog or a cat, and add a full tablespoon for a large dog (50-pound dog and over).

Essential oils for flea control

Some essential oils have been shown to repel fleas and reduce insect bites. Some of the most effective ones are eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, peppermint, lavender, spearmint and lemongrass. Essential oils are very easy and convenient to use. Simply put a drop on the collar of the pet or dilute the oil in water so you can spray a mist on the dog (not recommended to spray on cats). Cedar and citronella oils work as well.

Do not stop yourself to only one essential oil. Make your own blend. For example, a popular flea repellent blend consist in 5 drops of citronella, 3 drops of tea tree oil, 3 drops of lemon, 3 drops of rosemary and 3 drops of thyme.

Rosemary tea bath

Of course you can also shampoo your dog using a specially formulated flea shampoo, but a rosemary bath, also known as the rosemary tea bath rinse, is a great natural alternative. To make a rosemary bath, boil two cups of fresh rosemary leaves and in one quarter gallon of water for half an hour. Collect the liquid by straining it through a cotton cloth, a add another gallon of warm water. Allow the tea to cool down at room temperature. Once cool down, you can use this rosemary mix to bathe your pet. For more efficacy, do not rinse the liquid off. Instead, let your pet air dry. The rosemary tea is not only a great flea repellent, but also an excellent product for the hair of your dog or cat. It will leave them with a nice glossy and aromatic coat.

In addition to a rosemary tea bath, remove the remaining fleas using a flea comb (flea combs are specially designed to remove fleas).

These are only a few of the numerous ways to get rid of fleas in a natural and safe way. Repeat these steps as needed. And remember, to combat fleas, you don't have to use poison, you just need to outsmart them.
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