How to Replace the Clutch in a 1993 Subaru Legacy

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    Removing the Transaxle

    • 1). Jack up the vehicle on both sides and support it on jack stands to the rear of each front tire. You will want to have plenty of room underneath the vehicle.

    • 2). Detach the battery cable, and remove the air filter and tube from the air filter to the throttle body. Crawl underneath the vehicle and remove the starter.

    • 3). Unclip and remove all electrical connections from the transaxle. Disconnect the clutch cable from the transaxle.

    • 4). Remove the transaxle mounting bracket between the transaxle and the chassis. Support the transaxle with the transmission jack.

    • 5). Remove both wheels. Remove the lower ball joints with the ball joint separator, unbolt the lower control arms from the chassis. On both sides of the vehicle, remove the retaining pin where the constant-velocity (CV) axles meet the transmission. Swing the steering hub outward from the vehicle while prying the CV axle away from transaxle. Repeat for the other side of the vehicle.

    • 6). Remove any brush or splash covers from under the transaxle and exhaust. Disconnect the front exhaust pipe at the heat tube and where it joins the rear exhaust pipe.

    • 7). Remove the lower crossmember from beneath the transaxle. Disconnect the shifting mechanism from the transaxle. Unbolt the transaxle from the engine, and lower it.

    Removing the clutch

    • 1). Unbolt the clutch and pressure plate assembly from the engine. Unbolt the flywheel.

    • 2). Visually inspect the flywheel to make sure its surface falls in plane. Use a straightedge and a feeler gauge (or piece of paper folded twice) to check the flywheel. Lay the straightedge across the flywheel and attempt to slide the piece of paper between the flywheel and straightedge. If the flywheel is worn unevenly, replace it or have it resurfaced. Bolt the flywheel back in place and spray it off with brake cleaner to get any grease off.

    • 3). Bolt the new clutch assembly to the flywheel. Use a torque wrench to torque the bolts to 17 Nm.

    • 4). Remove and replace the clutch release fork and throwout bearing in the transaxle bellhousing. Grease the inner surface of the bearing holder and points at which it contacts the fork.

    Reinstalling the transaxle

    • 1). Raise the transaxle with the transmission jack, align the bell housing with the engine, and bolt it in place.

    • 2). Attach the shifter rod to the transaxle. Install the center cross member. Torque the bolts to 50 Nm. Tighten the nut on the rubber anti-vibration mount to 37 Nm.

    • 3). Reinstall the exhaust pipe and splash covers.

    • 4). Slowly swing each steering knuckle back toward the the center of the car, and slide the CV axle over the nub on the transaxle. Install the retaining pin on each side through the CV axle and transaxle nub.

    • 5). Install the wheels. Install the transaxle mounting bracket. Reconnect all electrical terminals on the transaxle, and the clutch cable. Reinstall the starter, and reattach the wires to it. Reconnect the battery cable, and remove the vehicle from the jack stands.

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