Website Marketing Vs Yellow Pages

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Newspaper advertising, getting listed on the yellow pages, etc is an obsolete way of advertising and marketing your business today. With the introduction of the internet and the concept of internet marketing becoming so popular today, people prefer this over all forms of traditional advertising. Though there are those who argue that the concept of advertising over the print media isn't going to die any soon now, there are a number of reasons why it can be advantageous to switch over to internet marketing to promote your business.

One of the main reasons why internet marketing is being preferred over newspaper advertising is the cost factor. While there are a number of free of cost or low cost tools available online, newspaper advertising costs hundreds and thousands of dollars as compared to internet marketing. And even if you are ready to spend such money the cost of conversion is quite low as compared to internet marketing. Whereas using internet marketing and such tools as blogging, social media marketing, etc you can actually convert your potential clients to regular clients and keep them thus. Hence this is one of the factors why people prefer internet marketing over newspaper advertising.

Another reason why internet advertising is being preferred is because here you can actually target motivated customers, who have decided to purchase the product or service. All you will need to do is to motivate them to purchase your specific product or service. Hence, there are more chances of success here as compared to the print media. But to obtain all these advantages you need to launch your internet marketing and promotion properly. Without the right efforts visibility of your website is almost zero and you cannot hope to make any sort of profits online.

There are some business owners who are stubborn. They have traditionally advertised in the Yellow Pages for many years and have gradually seen the amount of leads they get start to dwindle. Since they are not Internet users they do not see the value in SEO and Internet Marketing. They do not understand that they must move with the times and get up to date with what their potential customers are doing. This is particularly the case with the over 50 demographic, they are used to picking up a newspaper or Yellow pages to look for a product or service they need and do not turn to the Internet because they do not understand it. These older small business owners often do not understand the need for a website, often thinking they are just small business owners and they do not need one. They probably only use a few of the larger websites like Facebook and don't see that their business is on-par with the larger websites. This is nonsense of course since many people just use the Web as a directory, as you would a Yellow Pages - just looking for many different websites offering the products they are looking for.
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