Kitchen Lighting: Why Downlights Are Best?

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As a homeowner, you probably want your kitchen to be beautiful, comfortable, clean and bright. However, with the ever increasing cost of electricity, how can you manage having a bright and attractive kitchen? What type of lighting system should you use to cut down your energy expenses at the same time maintaining the kitchen environment that you want?

Kitchen downlights do not only provide functional and decorative lighting that will last for years, but they also save you an astounding amount of money over their lifespan. This type of lighting system is much more efficient compared to the energy required to run incandescent lamps which are currently used in most kitchens.

Another reason why many household nowadays consider down-lighters in their kitchen lighting plans because they lie level with the ceiling. Thus, the lighting gives an illusion of more height to make the area appear more spacious.

Furthermore, one reason why homeowners choose these lights because they have no cables or wires dangling down that draws dusts or grease. In other words, they are more hygienic and easier to clean.

In your kitchen, installing downlights also permits better positioning for lightened areas as the array of lights can be adjusted to best suit your needs whether for your practical or aesthetic point of view.

Basically, a kitchen has kettles, toasters and cookers that are expected to give off heat as part of their purpose to provide hot food and drinks. In addition, you may not realise that your kitchen can heat up so much because of the lighting installed.

And if you use incandescent light bulbs in your kitchen, this type of lighting can heat up even more. That is because the energy they use is converted to heat, more than light. Therefore, they become very expensive for the wrong purpose because only 10% of their energy is converted to light production and the other 90% is converted to heat.

On the other hand, kitchen downlights, especially LED, give off little or no heat at all because they are designed with finned construction that takes away any heat build-up. Instead, the design makes the lighting system focus on the light production.

Things to Consider Before Installing Your Kitchen Downlights

The first thing you can probably do when you install your lighting system to your kitchen is to identify the exact number of downlights you want or need. This very much comes down as a personal preference so it's very easy.

Then, ask yourself whether you can install the lighting yourself or should you get an electrician in. This is because electricity is dangerous and it could kill you. In other words, evaluate your electrical skill or knowledge first before you install the lamp.
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